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What kind of fan are you?

What kind of fan are you?

Yesterday, Grantland had a list of types of fans and we fit into a couple of them!

Sean thinks he's these 2:

16. The Fan Who Suddenly Has to go for a Walk

This fan responds to adversity by removing himself from the situation. Sometimes, this will be accompanied by a hurried explanation. Often, he’ll just quietly get up and leave. You may or may not ever see him again.

If you find yourself watching an important game with this fan and he announces that he's leaving, let him go. Do not try to talk him into staying. There’s a reason he doesn't trust himself to be around other human beings right now. You do not want to find out what that reason is.

17. The Fan Who Isn’t There Because He Only Watches Big Games at Home Alone

You won’t see this fan because he's politely declined your invitation to watch the game with a group. He takes sports more seriously than friendship or camaraderie or even basic human interaction, which is to say that he has his priorities straight. (Side note: This fan’s absence also might be related to that one time that he was the Might Be Crying Fan.)

You may get a text message or two from this fan as the game goes on. More likely, you won’t. Once the game is over and the magnitude of the disaster has become clear, be a good friend and phone in a police wellness check.

What type of fan are YOU?

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